Bhopal (M.P.) : A burning meteorite has fallen between Khandwa and Indore


A burning meteorite has fallen between Khandwa and Indore.

Bhopal (M.P.) : A burning meteorite has fallen between Khandwa and Indore

All of you must have known about the meteorite, the meteorite which appears to be burning and falling from the sky. But if it does not burn completely and falls into the earth, you can be such a big danger that you cannot even imagine.

One such incident has been seen in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. A 10 feet burning meteorite was seen in the sky in Bhopal on Saturday and which has not completely burnt down has fallen into the earth. The meteorological Department is telling that it has not burnt completely, it has fallen somewhere between Khandwa and Indore.

According to Ved Prakash, chief of the radar section of the Meteorological Department, if the meteorite seen in Bhopal falls on the earth, then there will be a crater of 10 feet in the ground. Due to this, if people stayed at the place of residence, then there could have been a big crisis. 

Mainly meteorites are satellites of the solar system and they keep rotating according to their orbit. But sometimes they come close to the earth, due to which they get trapped inside the earth through the middle of the earth. But usually meteorites get burnt by the earth's atmosphere.Ved Prakash ji says that a similar incident happened 10 days ago in Rajasthan.

There is nothing to panic because no one has been harmed due to the fall of this meteorite.  According to Khandwa Collector Anup Singh, the meteorite which was shown on Saturday, Wah has fallen on an empty space between Khandwa and Indore;  Which has not caused any casualties.

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